Shocking stuff Halabol learnt from UNICEF’s #poo2loo campaign

When was the last time you passed through an alley and got freaked by an obnoxious stench of human crap? What was your reaction when accidentally your eyes caught the glimpse of this gooey decomposing crap? Ohh…sorry to spoil your mood, but this is a serious ‘SHIT’ we are talking about and you can’t afford to miss this shit. Believe me. Bear with me for  while.

Have you ever imagined how come this load of poo is deposited at various sites in India? What’s behind soiling railway tracks, street corners and any other place with filth and crap? Okay, to put things in perspective, 620 million Indians defecate in open. And, Uttar Pradesh is the only state that is highly afflicted by this malady. Simply put, most Indian states are.

To experience ground realities Halabol team visited one such place, Moradabad, at Uttar Pradesh. Here is what we witnessed…

The Blacks

Manual scavenging is still being practiced in few villages of Uttar Pradesh, India

Scavengers from a village. No dignity, no respect and worst of all they get pennies for this humiliating work and some stale food.

Inspite of putting up government resources some toilets are as bad as these. 


The Whites

This young leader defeated all social and financial challenges. No open defecation in this village. Kudos to this guy!

Protsahan, Youthkiawaaz, UNICEF team, Halabol and Global Voices appreciating the positive change bought in this village where there is zero open defecation.

Clean school toilets have been built for children. These initiatives changed the old filthy mindset of open defecation.

This kid is happy after getting the toilet built at his home.


The Grays 

Head of this village is least bothered about open defecation, though showed some concern when persuaded by an UNICEF changemaker

UNICEF in collaboration with government, planning to wipe out open defecation in UP and build toilets for all houses. This dream is long way off….but the development is happening at magical rate. 

Open defecation leads to diseases, diarrhea is the prominent one that leads to shocking 88 percent of  deaths worldwide

Development is on so are the diligent efforts from organizations, governments and NGO's. The only question here is what impact are we making? Are we contributing our bit to curb this practice of open defecation by guiding people, talking to them or acting digitally. 

We encourage you to take a pledge at and contribute your bit. 

Ohh wait...have you seen MR. Poo around Delhi/NCR?

Hunt for Mr. Poo and throw him in the nearest toilet around. Here is how he looks.

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